Did You Know Coffee is Good for Your Liver?

If you are a regular coffee drinker, you may have at one point or another, worried about the side effects of consuming caffeinated beverages. The good news is that in recent decades, research has revealed that drinking caffeinated coffee in moderation is not only safe but beneficial to your health. In fact, coffee has been [ ] The post Did You Know Coffee is Good for Your Liver? appeared first on Muddy Waters Coffee Company.

June 2017 Exploring Coffee by Recipes

Spike Your Coffee Costa Rican Style In addition to producing coffee, Costa Rica also produces a variety of coffee-based liqueurs. A popular brand, which is relatively similar to Kahlua is Cafe Rica. This coffee flavored liqueur is made specifically from coffee from Costa Rica and is both thick and sweet. It is similar to Kahlua [ ] The post June 2017 Exploring Coffee by Recipes appeared first on Muddy Waters Coffee Company.

Exploring Coffee by Region: Costa Rica

The production of coffee in Costa Rica began centuries ago in 1779. The coffee was grown in Meseta Central, which is located in central Spain. It was grown in this location due to its perfect soil and climate conditions for coffee production. Costa Rican coffee was first imported to Europe through route of Arabia, which [ ] The post Exploring Coffee by Region: Costa Rica appeared first on Muddy Waters Coffee Company.